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Trooper Magazine

Dear Visitor, 
As our main fundraising effort, we publish a bi-annual magazine called Connecticut Trooper Magazine. It is our charitable organization. Advertising is sold to local Connecticut companies and we also accept donations of any amount. Funds received from the sale of advertisements are used to cover the cost of publishing the Connecticut Trooper Magazine, and to finance the objectives and activities of the Connecticut State Police Union. These objectives and activities include, but are not limited to, improving the working conditions of its members, caring for the good and welfare (during times of catastrophic illness, family crisis, injury and other unforeseen events) of all Connecticut State Troopers and their families. We also assist with college scholarships and organizations and activities within the communities that the Union serves.
The distribution of the magazine includes all of the top Connecticut State employees from the Governor's office, all Legislators, all State Troopers and their families, and other State officials.  Also, most of the State’s top employers do advertise or donate with us.
Feel free to contact us with any questions or to request more information.  
Thank you.
Display ads & donations for The Connecticut Trooper Magazine help support the Connecticut State Police Union. We thank you for your support !!!