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Our Mission

The Connecticut State Police Union’s mission is to uphold the honor of the State Police profession and vigilantly protect, promote, advance and improve working conditions, legal rights, compensation and benefits of our Troopers. We also aim to generate public and political interest of vital importance to a Trooper’s duties in our State. The Connecticut State Police Union continues to be committed to improving the working conditions of our members including Troopers, Sergeants, and Master Sergeants.

Now more than ever, your Connecticut State Troopers need your help.

Enforcing the law is more challenging now than it has ever been in recent history. Your donations go directly to our office in East Hartford and one hundred percent of the money allows us to pay for expenses related to Line of Duty Deaths, provide for the families of our fallen Troopers, and provide financial assistance to Troopers with severe medical conditions. Many sympathize with us, but few are willing to put their feelings into action. That’s why we are so grateful to our supporters.

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A Memorial to our fallen heroes...

The Connecticut Law Enforcement Memorial, on the grounds of the state’s police academy on Preston Drive, honors 135 officers, dating back to 1855, who have been killed on duty.

A black granite obelisk in the center of the memorial bears a dedication reading, “Dedicated to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.” Names of fallen officers are inscribed on the obelisk as well as on the memorial’s granite columns.

An eternal light, inscribed with the words “Never forget” on its base, stands in front of the memorial.

The memorial, spearheaded by the Connecticut Police Chief’s Association, was dedicated in 1989.

Every May, a memorial ceremony is held at the site. 

Over 118 years of history...

On May 29, 1903, Governor Abiram Chamberlain signed House Bill #247 which authorized the creation of the Connecticut State Police. Five state police commissioners were appointed to lay the groundwork for the first state police department. In October of the same year, Thomas F. Egan was named the agency’s first  superintendent.

Providing support to CSP employees and their families

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